Reindeer Gift Jars

Is it the weekend yet?  My goodness I don't know about you but I've had more than a week already here in my neck of the woods.  Then with the time change and being up around 4AM or earlier every day makes for even longer days.  On the bright side I am getting a little bit more accomplished.
With all the hectic pace of life right now I'm grateful that I still have time throughout my week to sit and craft a little.  Especially since I have so many crafts I love to do. 
So today I share with you another in my plastic canvas "series".  This craft takes a while to get a project done, but seeing the final product makes it all worth while in my opinion.  These little gift jars are fun to do and great for using for gifts whether for co-workers, friends, or family.
These are made using a pattern from the Leisure Arts Book #1541 (book three) titled Deck The Halls in Plastic Canvas published in 1994.