Superman Tissue Box Cover

Well it's been a couple weeks since I told you that I was working on creating a Superman tissue box cover, and finally it is complete.  It took a bit longer to complete because of my limited crafting time lately.  It's like I say, "I might be slow, but I get there eventually".  And this was no exception.
This cover is another one from the DC Comics Super Heroes pattern leaflet - #1779.  It's a leaflet that was published by Leisure Arts back in 1997 and for all the plastic canvas stuff I used to buy back then I'm surprised I never knew this existed.  Thank goodness for ebay and the daily perusals thereof.  Talk about a treasure trove.
There are plenty more designs to be made from this leaflet but I'm going to take a break from them so I can start another project I've been wanting to do.  Oh, and I have to finish an order for some crocheted hats.  Thank goodness for vacation so I can play catch up.
Happy Crafting everyone.


Scrapper69 said...

Been so busy with work that I haven't been able to come by and see your projects! Made some time today and WOW! LOVE, LOVE your Superman Kleenex cover! It's super cool! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

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