Cornish Pixie Jars

During our trip to Universal Studios this year we spent more time than usual exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley.  We rode more of the rides, visited more of the shops and really became more interested in the characters and stories.  Sure we've seen the movies - who hasn't?  But that was so long ago that honestly don't remember all the details.  Not like some of the fans we ran into. 
When we returned home we decided to buy the books.  Which I started reading first because I'm more of a reader than my hubby.  And I also joined a fun group on Facebook that shares their love for Harry Potter and crafting.
That's where the idea for the Cornish Pixie Jars came from.  A lady there shared hers and then shared her file so others could create the jars.  The main difference in hers and mine is that she decopauged her jars, and I simply sprayed mine with the frosted glass spray.  Oh and she did use mason jars for her lights.  However, when my husband and I went to the craft store we agreed that it would be better to use a style of jar that resembled more of the apothecary type jars - after all we are talking about wizards and magic.
Pretty cool night lights don't you think?

Baby Basket & Quilt

Now that my daughter's baby shower is over I can share with you the remaining items that I made for her baby gift.  It all began really with this quilt that I picked up over the Thanksgiving holidays so that I could have something to do while sitting at my in-laws house.  Whenever we travel there for the week I always to some crafts to do since we stay up late watching TV and talking.  But last year I finished what I had early and needed more.  Needless to say, I forgot how tedious it was to do cross stitch and just finished this quilt last month. 

I used the quilt for part of the padding at the bottom of the basket.  On top of that I used a piece of cardboard that I wrapped in pink tissue paper as the support for my sleeping baby diaper "cake".  This became the focal point for the basket.  It was funny though because my daughter didn't realize that's what it was when she was first handed the basket.
Also in the basket was a set of baby socks, washcloths and spoons that I turned into pea pods and lollipops.  
Oh and then there's the baby announcement frame that I made.  I used it as the "backdrop" for the basket. 
And of course the kids loved it.

Baby Announcement Holder

A while back I found this Baby Bear Birth Announcement Kit from 1982 on ebay.  It's one of those awesome creations from Dick Martin.  Well of course I snatched it right up so that I could make it for my Grandbaby, Ocean Rose.  Last night I finally finished putting it all together and got the backing sewed on.  Now I wish that I had had a sturdier canvas to stitch it on so that it wouldn't seem too flimsy.
Overall I love the holder and next time I make one it will definitely be done a bit different.  For now though I'm sure that my daughter will love and use it.

Here Comes the Sun

This year my husband and I decided that we were going to enjoy our beautiful beaches here along the Gulf of Mexico.   So we wake up at our normal time and head out around 9ish, and then stay until the beach starts crowding up around 11.
So in celebration of the beautiful sunshine-y days and beach season I thought I'd create a fun card in honor of how much I love this time of year.  This adorable file is from Marjorie Ann Designs and is called Hit the Beach.
For the sand (which is actually snow white on our beaches) I used a piece of torn sandpaper.  This gives a bit of texture to the card.  The only downside I have found with using sandpaper is that I have difficulty sometimes with getting my other pieces to adhere.  But the work is definitely worth the outcome.
The stamped sentiment is from the Cardz TV Stamps set titled Summer Fun.
Now I'm off to enter this card into the sunglasses challenge over at Die Cuttin Divas

Baby Bear

Today I have a fun shaped card to share with you.  This one is from the Baby Bear and Girl file from Marjorie Ann Designs.
Like so many of Marjorie's files this one was easy to piece together.  Especially since she's done all the hard work.
My daughter's baby shower is this weekend and I made this one for her since the other items I'm giving her include bears.  (I'll share those with you later once they are complete)
On the inside of my card I used a sentiment from Jaded Blossom's Sweet Baby stamp set.  It says, "congrats on that thing you did".  I figure my daughter will get a good laugh out of that one.

My Little Monster

Today I have a quick and easy card to share with you. 
This one uses the My Little Monster file from Marjorie Ann Designs.  I thought it would be fun to use a printed paper for his main 'body'.  After piecing him together though it was as if something was missing, and that's when I decided to add some purple twilight colored skittles.
My background paper is from the Little Man mat stack by Paper House.

Selfie Adventure

One of the things I decided to do this year when we visited Universal Studios was to take a selfie with my husband at every ride we rode.  Overall this was a successful venture; however, I did forget to take one while we were in line for The Mummy.  I was rather nervous for two reasons - I'd never been on this ride and I didn't know how it would affect my motion sickness.  But more about all that when I complete that layout......
As we were driving home from Orlando I saw these great selfie SVG files at Marjorie Ann Designs and just had to play with them.  So combining both the Just Be Your Selfie and Selfie Addict files I created this selfie layout with a couple of the pictures we took.
I used the girl inside the photograph from Selfie Addict and used her to replace one of the boys in the photo bomb from the Just Be Your Selfie.
The stamped sentiment at the bottom of the selfie 'photo' is from the Jaded Blossom stamp set titled Sweet Travels.

Spiderman Layout

It's been so long since I've created a scrapbook layout that I forgot just how long it can take to create one.  Needless to say it took me hours to get my creative juices going.  Not only did I have to decide what cuts I wanted to use but how I wanted to layout the pages because nothing I found for sketches or ideas on pintrest worked for me.
I finally got my pages done though.  My Spiderman cuts came from someone who used to create and share such files so they are not mine to share.  However, there is still a blog out there that shares similar files created from "fan art" and there's a cute chibi Spiderman there.  I didn't use this particular one for my pages, but I have used him in the past for other projects.  You can find it here.
This was also the first time in our past three years of riding the Spiderman ride that we had our picture taken while doing so.  And as you can tell I took pictures during the ride.  Since it's a 3D ride the pictures look blurry, but that's the nature of 3D.  I was just excited when I saw how well some of them actually turned out.

Happy Summer Picnic Ants

The weekend is coming to a close as another work week looms upon us.  It will be a bit more difficult for me to get back to work since my family has just finished a wonderful vacation at Universal Studios (layouts to follow).
In the meantime though I have a summer time card to share with you this morning.  This one was made using clip art from the Summer Picnic Ants file by Marjorie Ann Designs that you can find here.
The stamped sentiment and cute trail of ants is from the Lawn Fawn stamp set Happy Summer.
I also used a couple of skittles in Sunset Orange to embellish my card.  You can purchase these and other colors at DoubleClick Connections.