Bulbasaur Mugs

Today's project was inspired by a posting I saw in one of my crafting groups.  One of the crafty divas in the group has posted a picture of some coffee mugs she altered to look like various Pokémon characters.  And since some of my boys, my husband and a couple of friends play Pokémon I thought I'd try my hand at making some as well.  But first I had to find colored mugs.
My first trip to the store found me a couple of green mugs, so I decided to start my collection off with a couple of Bulbasaur mugs.  Bulbasaur, I have learned, is a grass/poison Pokémon who is part of the seed species and that the "growth" on his back is actually a seed.
After doing a google search, I found the image I wanted to use for his face.  I opened the picture in my Silhouette software, selected the image, inverted the colors and then did a trace.  Then using my Oracle 651 from The Vinyl Spectrum vinyl I cut and layered the pieces on the mug.
I'm really pleased with how simple this one was to create and hope that I'm able to find other colored mugs so I can have a couple different sets.  And so the search begins.