Have Yourself....

I decided to sit down with my new embroidery machine and try my hand at towel embroidery.  So starting small I decided to use a blank bar mop style towel and stitch out a fun Christmas design.
This design is from the Applique Corner and is called Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Embroidery Design.  For a short time it's on sale with a lot of other great designs.
I went with the 6 x 10 design which is over 21,000 stitches.  After attending a stabilizer class with Debbie Homer-Hofhines I learned what stabilizers to use with different fabrics.  I also learned that the number of stitches determines the number of layers of stabilizers needed to support the project.  With that being said, I hooped some Perfect Stick stabilizer and then placed my towel center on the hoop.  I then added a layer of Heat n Gone topping on the top of my towel and floated a piece of tear away stabilizer underneath. 
Of course I still have a lot to learn but for now I love the way this stitched out and I can't wait to play with some others.  After all, practice makes perfect.  Lol


mum of two said...

I am in LOVE with this!! My mum does embroidery stuff, I may have to get her to make it for me. TFS :)

Purple Monkey Moments

Scrapper69 said...

Beautiful job with the embroidery! I'm so jealous you get to play with that type of machine! Have Fun with it.. Can't wait to see what else you make!

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