Daddy's Lil Monster

Do you ever have one of those days where you know you want to craft something but you don't know what? I mean you have the supplies and everything sitting in front of you but you think to yourself, "now what"?  I had that experience going on with this last jar I had for turning into a night light.  I've made several of them by now and was running out of ideas for what to put on them so this one just sat. 
That is until I found this awesome Halloween Skull Girls file at Apex Cuttable Designs.  Talk about files that are perfect for not only the Halloween fan, but the one who's a bit "goth" or how about someone who loves Harley Quinn?  I mean that's what I thought when I saw the skull I used for today's project.  This would make a perfect Christmas gift don't you think?  I know some of my kids will love it.
If you agree, keeping reading because here's how I made my jar night light:
I used one of the glass jars that I found at Hobby Lobby.  After wiping down my jar with alcohol I cut out my design using Oracle 651 from Vinyl Spectrum.  I decided to add some verbiage to the design and decided on the verbiage from the T-shirt that Harley Quinn wore in the movie Suicide Squad.  For this I used a font from dafont dot com called Alice and the Wicked Monster.
When you peel back the vinyl and weed everything to place on the light be sure to keep the thin heart shape from the eye.  That's what I used for the heart accent just off from the verbiage.
Once you have the vinyl adhered to the jar all that's left is to spray a bit of frosted glass on the jar.  I used Rustoleum brand for my project but there others out there that work just as well.  Just remember to clean the jar with a soft cloth.  Immersing in water can damage the finish - especially if there's soap or other agents in the water.
To finish off my light I took two strands of fun fur - one red and one blue - and tied them around the top edge.  Add in a small, battery operated tea light candle, and there you have it.
A quick, fun gift giving idea just in time for Christmas.


Scrapper69 said...

So COOL! Lovin that image! :)