Peppa Pig Burp Cloth

While shopping at Joann's the other day I came across this cute flannel fabric featuring Peppa Pig.  Now I'll admit that I'm not a huge Peppa Pig fan, but since I know others who are I thought I'd pick up a yard to play with.

Well of course this fabric called for an applique so I went to Etsy to check out what some of my favorite shops had to offer.  And then I also checked out a couple of shops that are not on Etsy.  After all was said and done my search ended when I found this Peppa Pig over at Appliques with Character.

She stitched out beautifully, and I couldn't be happier with how this burp cloth turned out.

Happy Camper

Ladybugs and picnics, not necessarily the insect I expect to find at a picnic but when I look at this cutie all ready to pig out I'd much rather it be her.  😀  I found this adorable ladybug over at Marjorie Ann Designs and immediately knew she'd be a cute one to use for a card.  She's from the file Ladybug Picnic.

After I cut and pieced the ladybug together I was searching through my files and papers, trying to decide how I was going to lay out my card.  During the search through my paper stash I came across two different papers that I really wanted to use.  One was all ladybugs and the other was different insects but I thought they worked well together. 

Problem was that I'd already cut the papers to splice together with others and the two remaining pieces wouldn't fit together.  As I played around trying to figure out the hopeless puzzle I had another piece of the insect paper cut the same way that I turned around and that's when the light went off.  I would use all three papers and cross them over each other to create the look you now see on my card.

On the front of my card I stamped a row of ants walking across the bottom of the card.   They are from the Lawn Fawn stamp set titled Happy Summer.

The stamped sentiment at the top of my card is from the Cardz TV stamp set titled Summer Fun.

And now I'm off to enter my card into the following challenge:

Cut it Up - Picnic - Ends June 28th

Dementor Soap

Today's project is a quick, easy, fun one that has absolutely nothing to do with the crafts that I typically create.  A while back I purchased a copy of The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter.  The reason for this was because I wanted to see how they made their wands, but then I found some other cool ideas that I wanted to try.   One of them was Dementor Soap.  

After reading how they made theirs and being taken back to the days when I homeschooled the older children, I quickly remembered using glycerin soap base when we made soap.  (We were using the Prairie Primer as our unit study and we used to make all sorts of fun things.)  So off to Hobby Lobby I went in search of the tools I would need for making my Dementor soap.

I picked up the rectangular mold, glycerin base and a rain liquid soap fragrance to add to the soap.  I scoured the aisle trying to find something that could be used for packaging and was sad that there was none to be found.

Once I arrived back home I pulled out some scraps of black fabric and cut out shapes in the form of a Dementor.  Following the directions for melting down the glycerin I added my scent and then poured a small amount into the molds.  I then set my Dementor in place and continued to fill the mold with soap.

When the soap was set I removed it from the molds and wrapped in saran wrap to protect it from the elements.  I really have to find a better way to package the soap but for my first attempt in some time I figured it would work.

Now I need to find other play "pretties" that I can add for variations on the Harry Potter theme.  You know like mini snakes for house Slytherin.  I think this could be really fun.  Especially for a Harry Potter fan themed bathroom.....

Love You, Coffee

I'm excited to share today's project with you because I think it's just the cutest thing ever.  While browsing through files over at Apex Cuttable Designs I came across this Love Coffee design.  It immediately made me think of my oldest daughter who is a coffee addict.  And so of course I had to have this design so that I could put together a little gift for her.

Instead of using the same old, boring black vinyl that I generally use on my white mugs I opted this time to use a red vinyl.  For my vinyl projects I like to use the Oracle 651 vinyl since it's a more permanent vinyl with a life expectancy of up to 6 years.  I have 'bumper sticks' on my car that are now six years old and they look just as new as the first day I applied them.

Now I just need to find some of the edible coffee beans so that I can slip a pouch of them inside the cup and give this to my daughter.  I know she'll love it.  Only draw back might be that the cup isn't big enough.  🤣

Potion Bottles

My husband and I have started scouring the antique stores in search of items that will compliment our Harry Potter collection.  Thus far we've found a courting candle and snuffer, a set of 1880's French Pathologie books, a set of eyeglasses (not sure of the time period), skeleton keys, apothecary bottles, and a 19th century ebonised scale.  

Today I'm sharing with you, three apothecary bottles we found that I turned into potion bottles for my collection.  The large bottle on the left has a glass lid which we fell in love with.  It's the first one we saw like that that was not a perfume bottle.  The store had a couple of them but I purchased only this one and now I wish I'd grabbed another one or two.  A different store had the other two. 

The small snuff jar was missing it's lid as were all the snuff jars we saw.  Fortunately the craft stores sell an assortment of corks.  After finding the right sized cork I used my distress inks and inked the cork then gently roughed it up by rubbing it across some pavers.

The bottle on the right had a cork top that was cut up so I got the idea to alter it by adding hot glue around the neck of the bottle.  Then I thought about adding a bead to the top and searched through my drawers until I found this last flat bottomed one in my stash.  After the hot glue dried I painted the glue and bead in a chocolate brown metallic color.

The labels are ones that I found doing a google search.  I wadded them up and then brushed across them with my distressed ink.  I then ran them through my Xyron creative station and adhered them to the bottles.  After that I added twine to the large bottle along with one of the Tim Holtz Crossbones adornments.  On the Amortentia potion I added a flat backed heart I found during Valentines.

Now I need to find a small cauldron, beakers, test tubes and other odds and ends to complete my collection.

Thanks for Behaving

Now that the month of June is half over I figured it was time I started getting some Christmas cards made so that I'll have enough for giving out this season.  It never seems to fail that I have to buy one box of cards every year.  Well not this year!  And with Christmas in July around the corner it'll be even easier to get them done.  Of course craft show season is also around the corner so I'll have to find that happy balance. 😀

Today's card was made using the Just Elfing Around file from Marjorie Ann Designs.  Since I have issues with piecing some of the smaller pieces in this file I opted to do a couple of things differently.  I used printed paper for my shopping bag and instead of piecing the stripes on the leggings I opted to 'draw' them on using the tip on an ink pad.

My stamped sentiment is from the Jaded Blossom stamp set titled Elf Workshop.

Flying Keys

While we were in Alabama last week, my husband and I took a trip to Hanna Antiques, one of the antique flea malls in the area.  Not having been there before, we were quickly amazed at the items they had and decided it could be a dangerous place to shop.  However, we behaved ourselves since we were looking for specific things that we could use as 'fillers' in our Harry Potter collection.

For example, we came across several booths that had antique spectacles so we picked up a pair of those.  We also found a couple of skeleton keys which we quickly snatched, along with a candle snuffer to go with a courting candle we found at a different venue.

After arriving home from Alabama, I searched the Silhouette store looking for some wings that I thought would work for flying keys.  I found two files that I liked.  The first was a set of fairy wings. The second was actually a butterfly that I cut the wings from using the cutting tool in Silhouette.

I cut the wings from vellum and attached them to my keys using hot glue.  I then curled the wings a bit so that they weren't so flat and lifeless.

Since these keys are the real deal and not the 'decorative' type they're heavier.  So instead of trying to hang them from the ceiling I'm just going to place them on a shelf in my curio cabinet.