My First Ever Blog Award....

I received a wonderful honor this morning in that I received my first ever blog award from Penny Duncan ( )! For months I have seen other blogs that have had such an honor bestowed upon them – some having multiple awards. I always wondered how they received them and now I know.
The rules for this award are that I must list five things I love to do and then pass it along to five other people.
So five things I love to do……
1. No secret here but I love creating cards whether they be for me to give as gifts or others to buy to share.
2. I love spending time with my family. Now that two of my children have grown and left for college it’s a reality that has set in more than ever before that children don’t stay for long.
3. I love to read as I have time. Ted Dekker is my all time favorite author and in my opinion is more riveting than Stephen King or Dean Koontz.
4. I love to garden and preserve my own food. I always hated it when my mother did this as I was growing up, but I’m glad that she did it and that she instilled the value of this art with me.
5. Believe it or not I love the career that I have chosen. I am an administrative assistant that does more than the typical admin. I enjoy working in the hospitality industry and I love the fact that dh and I are able to work together …..yes for the same company and on the same shift.

Now for my pick of 5 blogs with whom to share this award. I have chosen these 5 ladies because their creations and talents continue to be a source of inspiration for me. I am always looking forward to seeing what new cards they come up with on the Cricut MB’s:

1. Jeannie -
2. Vicki -
3. Shelly -
4. Donna -
5. Carole -


Crayola58 said...

I am always just so pleased when a new friend says they like to visit my blog...and it is most pleasing when they give me an Award. Thank you so much.
Thank you very much.

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Barbara, thank you so much for this honor! I so much appreciate this from an mb friend. Hugs, D