Frustrated, With a Touch of Summer Warmth

Okay so I sat down the other day and laid out an idea I have for a summer/Father's Day card and when I cut it my paper tore up leaving me to believe that my blade needs to be replaced because the mat is fine.  So I go to my draw only to discover that there are NO BLADES!!  What in the world?  In the 5 years that I have been papercrafting I have never been without a new blade..........until now.

Well today I stopped by Michael's on the way home from work because I wanted to pick up some of the yarn that's on sale and I knew I'd find my blades too.  Wrong.  They were all sold out!  Seriously?  I had this same problem with I was at AC Moore a couple months ago and we all know that Walmart has quit selling them so now what am I supposed to do?  I gotta tell ya this really stinks.

So instead of sharing my new card I guess I'll just have to share one of the older summertime cards I've made.  Just in time too because the temperatures here in Florida are dipping down low (for us) tonight.  I mean I've been hot flashing lately and I'm cold kind of cold.  LOL

Anyhow, this is a card that I made oh gosh back almost three years ago.  I just loved the idea of sitting under the palm tree enjoying life with a jar of cookies in hand.  Besides who can resist good ol' lovable cookie monster?


Glenda said...

Love the cute card! Our Louisiana weather is crazy too--suppose to be really cold here for a few nights!
I have trouble finding some Cricut supplies too! Hope you find blades soon!