My First Pair of "Knitted" Socks

WooHoo I am so excited about the way these socks turned out.  My very first attempt didn't turn out so well because I thought I understood what I was doing when it came to the toe.  However, it was very obvious as soon as I took the sock off the loom that I had no idea.......So off to the internet I went scouring for a more basic pattern.  Oh I watched all the videos to ensure I knew what I was doing.  I even took screen shots and wrote out the directions so I could have them by my side.  But when I sat down with the pattern in the book - forget about it.

Isn't amazing sometimes how two people can talk/write about the very same thing and yet use different words that will cause the listener/reader to interpret it differently?  That's exactly what I found on the internet at Twitchy Fingers Blogspot she wrote out directions for the same type sock I was trying to make only her directions were much easier to understand.

So all of that said, if you've ever thought about trying your hand at making socks take a stroll over to Twitchy Fingers and check out her step by step guide - you'll be glad you did.