Power of Caffeine

I was sitting at my desk drinking my second cup of coffee and going through some old ideas that I had printed out years ago when I came across one that said anything is possible with enough caffeine.  Well that was all it took and off I was to grab my Love You A Latte cartridge.

Now I will say that what I had envisioned in my head is not what turned out on paper because I was dreaming of much grander things.  But given some of the delicate cuts for the size I needed it just wasn't meant to be.  That's okay though because I think the final product still turned out pretty good.

And now that I have this one out of my system I'm thinking of warmer days.  Yep, I'm over this little bit of cold weather in Florida already.  I absolutely hate being cold in any way fashion, shape or form.  So my sights are set on the dog days of summer and all things related..............don't say I didn't warn you...........