Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Today I'd like to share some more ornaments with you.  I saw where another lady in one of my Facebook groups had made these on the cubed style ornament so I decided to give that a try this year as well. 
This is my first time making these ornaments and I thought it'd be fun to make these to have with the hats that I crochet.  I made them in both the flat disc and cube shapes.  And I think that they both turned out really cute. 
Now if only I could find some kind of really cute turtle or comic book style paper that I could use for packaging these guys.  I haven't given up hope yet and there is still time.  I had almost given up hope on being able to find a box that I could package my sets in and then I found one in the Silhouette store.  But then I cut it out and it was way too small to fit four of these in.  So I had to play around with measuring for the size I need,  ungrouping the cuts and resizing them until I had it just like I wanted.  It took a couple hours but I got it done.  More on that in another post.
So what are you making for Christmas in July?  Have you started any fun projects yet?


Scrapper69 said...

Now these are Super COOL! LOVE the Ninja turtles and the square style.... I saw them last year on a FB group page... way cute... are you gonna sell all these cool goodies you've been making? Or give out as gifts? :)