Blackstone Hooded Bear Cowl

In addition to picking back up my sewing I thought it might not be a bad idea to get back to some loom knitting.  Now this doesn't mean that I've given up on learning how to crochet - far from it.  But I'm still a bit slow on the crochet thing and while I can put some hats together there are some that I just can't do without my looms. 
For example, this Hooded Bear Cowl.  I was able to complete this project in two days, but that's mixed with taking care of a grandbaby and having to remind myself on how to do some of the stitches.  After all it's been a couple years since I've touched my looms.
Be on the look out though because I'll have different hat styles coming your way.  :)


Scrapper69 said...

Aren't you the crafty lady! LOOOVE this project! It's sooo CUTE with those ears! Looks amazing!

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