Sea Themed Applique

Much to my surprise my hubby upgraded my embroidery machine last week.  I mean I knew it was going to happen but I didn't expect to walk home with one in hand last week. 
After letting it sit for several days because I was too intimidated to even play with it I finally got brave and he and I sat down together one night and played.  We decided to start with something that if we messed up, we messed up - no big deal.  So we purchased a pack of receiving blankets from Walmart and chose a couple of appliques we wanted to use and got down to business.
My hubby chose the Whale Boy Big Eyes and I chose the crawfish which is a freebie that comes with the Big Eyes Sea Creature set from Applique Corner.  I was amazed at how easy it was to applique.  Okay, not "easy" but it was not as difficult as I imagined either.  Now that we've played and have a feel for the process we need to work on sizing and placement.
And then there's the having to pay attention and make sure that the fabric is 'square' and/or centered in the frame so that our projects don't come out crooked.  That's what happened when I did this Anchor Banner applique.  I thought I had it straight but something happened because it's slightly off.
Needless to say, we'll also be taking classes - yes, my hubby is doing this crafting venture with me every step of the way.  This weekend we'll be attending one to learn more about what stabilizers to use and when and all that sort of stuff.  I'm really excited to delve more into this side of crafting.....


Scrapper69 said...

I'm totally jealous about your awesome Embroidery Machine! LOL LOVE the sweet images - they look awesome! As soon as I try to learn to sew.. I might just need one of these bad boys! hahahaha

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