Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Tree

Okay, now before I begin today's post I have a confession to make.  I belong to a couple of Dollar Tree craft groups on Facebook.  There I said it, but I'm not ashamed.  LOL
Last week a lady in one of the groups posted a picture of a Halloween tree she made using a mini Christmas tree she found in her local Dollar Tree.  Of course I had to find one of those trees because I was so inspired that I needed to create one for my husband.  After all Halloween is his favorite holiday.  Three Dollar Trees later I finally found one.  ONE.  That's it.  ONE tree and it was the 'display'.   I didn't know it was the 'display'.  Not until I got to the register.  I was scared that they weren't going to sell it to me, but they did and I thanked them profusely for doing so.
After coming home with my single Dollar Tree purchase I immediately set it outside on my trusty spool where I spray paint all my craft items in need of painting.  I ran in the house, found my black spray paint and sprayed every nook and cranny until my green tree was now black.  Once painted I allowed it to cure for several days before proceeding with creating ornaments to hang on it.
Originally I was going to use some of the flat disc ornaments from Hobby Lobby but they were too big.  And since I was not planning to run to a craft store this weekend I thought about the ornaments I'd made years ago using glow in the dark glitter.  I went to the shed, found them and brought them in.  After stripping away the vinyl I'd put on them so long ago I created new designs to take their place.  This time, I'd decorate with Nightmare Before Christmas designs.  I selected pictures from Google, traced them in Silhouette Design Studio, cut and applied.
A little fuzzy but they still glow in the dark
Now all I needed was a tree skirt.  So remembering that I had purchased some Nightmare Before Christmas fabric last season I pulled it out of my stash, drew a couple circles, cut them out and stitched the pieces together.  I wished I'd cut it a bit bigger but this one still works well.

With my tree skirt made I was ready to decorate my tree.  Thankfully I had one set of purple lights left from the several I'd purchased at the Dollar Tree a month ago.  The picture doesn't show the lights very well but the lights really help to pull it all together.  And hubby really liked his new piece of Halloween d├ęcor.


Jerri said...

Great tree!! I am getting ready to cut Jack and Sally to put onto cups for my cousin out of 651 vinyl and I am a nervous wreck! Any suggestions of how to get the TINY little pieces to cut well on the Cameo 2? Your cuts looks very clean. My designs will only be 2.25" in height, so you can imagine how small the details are. Thank you for any suggestions. Jerri

Blue6366 said...

Jerri, I didn't really do anything special. My cuts for these ornaments were I think about 2" max. I think the only think I MIGHT do different is that I use a straight pin with a ball head to weed my projects. Good luck and let me know when you get your project done - I'd love to see it.

Scrapper69 said...

This is such a COOL tree! LOVE the decorations!

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