Dolphin Night Lights

Sometimes living around the World's Most Beautiful Beaches and other water ways can have its advantages.  Yes, during tourist season it can be a nightmare with all the highly congested two lane roads and stand still traffic that makes you feel like your living in Atlanta.  But during the off season we locals can sit back and enjoy what others travel so far to see.
Every day on my ride to work I have to cross a five mile long bridge across the Choctawhatchee Bay and if I'm really lucky I might get to see dolphins out in the water playing.  I've even seen them somewhat close when we gone out fishing.  For whatever reason seeing those dolphins always brings a sense of joy. 
So of course it was no surprise that I had to have this Retro Dolphin file from Apex Cuttable Designs.  Not only does this file translate beautifully for night lights but it would make some beautiful designs on shirts, beach bags or other similar items.  And one day in the near future I will have my heat press so I begin using these gorgeous designs to do some of that.  My husband and I finally found the one we are going to purchase so I'm sure it'll be here by Christmas.  :)
To create these night lights I started with ones I found at the Dollar Tree.  Removed the existing design.  (Directions in this post here.)  And then I chose two of the different retro dolphins to use on my lights.  Now I have lights that are perfect for use with any beach themed d├ęcor.


Scrapper69 said...

These are Beautiful! The Scenes look amazing with the light shinning on them! And you're very lucky to have all that beauty where you live - We have it too... but in the form of Mountains! I live right by Zion's - So I know what you mean with traveler's coming through all the time - It should be slowing down here in the next month as it starts to cool down! :) I've been thinking about getting a heat press... Now I'm just jealous! hahaha Let me know how you like yours when you get it... Have a great day! :)

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