Tiger Baby Dress

My husband is a HUGE Auburn fan so it's no surprise that he wants to buy Auburn clothes for our grandbaby.  But since he bought me a new embroidery machine last month he's been playing with it as much as I have.  Now that's a surprise. 

Today I share with you a little dress that my husband appliqued for our granddaughter.  We found the dress at Hobby Lobby this past week.  Who knew they had baby dresses there?  I mean we knew they had onesies and that's what we were looking for when we found these.  Needless to say we picked up a few in different colors and sizes.
The Tiger Baby Girl with Football is from Applique Corner.  They have a wide variety of appliques to offer so if you do embroidery/applique and you haven't checked them out yet you should.
The fabric is one of several collegiate prints we picked up in the Applique Collegiate Bundle #1 from TJ's Fabrics.  (I was so excited when I found that the Sewing Center had opened up just down from where I work. Needless to say, that's where the bulk of my purchases are now made.  You can't beat the prices, quality and definitely not the customer service!)
The one thing we did not have was a fabric suitable for the football.  So I was again surprised when hubby was adamant that we go off in search for some fabric.  Now this was a Sunday afternoon and that meant that Hobby Lobby and the Sewing Center were both closed.  That left Joann's.  Luckily we found some vinyl upholstery fabric on the red tag rack that was perfect.  And since it was tagged at $9 a yard we bought a yard. 
With all fabrics needed now in hand, hubby whipped up this little dress and I could not be more proud.  He did such a wonderful job that I forsee us fighting over who's going to get to use the embroidery machine.  LOL


Scrapper69 said...

It's a fantastic dress! Good for your husband to have some fun with the machine! You really make me want to get this kind of machine... looks like so much fun! :)

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