Beatles Tissue Box Holder

I found this pattern on Ebay years ago and immediately fell in love.  Not because I'm a huge Beatles fan but because I thought it was different and unique.  Little did I know (at that time) that the Beatles had had their own animated show at some point.  Even knowing that now I still think it's different, unique and certainly fun. 
So even though I've had this pattern for years I've only made one of these tissue box covers.  Until now.  Since I've cut back on some of my commitments it's freed up some time to do other crafts (such as plastic canvas) that are more time intensive.  I've always enjoyed doing plastic canvas.  It was my introduction to the crafting world since I could never get the hang of crochet.  With that being said you'll be seeing more of this craft along with others through out the coming months.


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Very unique and fun!

snappy scrappy said...


Scrapper69 said...

I totally think this is awesome! Not just because I love the Beatles too.. But because it was from their cartoon days... I actually watched a couple of episodes on a cartoon channel a couple of years ago with my kids... This is very unique... LOVE it! Have a great day! :)

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