Valentine Wagon

We are just a couple weeks away from Valentine's Day and I can't imagine any crafter out there that hasn't created at least one Valentine's project by now.  Usually by this time I've made several greeting cards but since Christmas I've been working more with learning how to use my embroidery machine and heat press.  This weekend was no different and after a few successful and some not so successful projects it was time to take a break.
This is one of my favorite projects I made over the weekend.  This is the Love Wagon from Apex Cuttables.  There are two fun wagons in this file but I only created one of them this weekend.  The other one I hope to do next weekend.
For this particular file I decided that instead of layering the white dots on the tires I would subtract them from the tire.  So in my Silhouette Studio software, I grouped the tires and the dots together and then clicked to subtract the object.  It made for a little bit more weeding but I thought this make it easier in the long run.
This is also the first time that I've used glitter HTV and I love the way that it turned out.  The picture really doesn't do the onesie much justice.  However, it's been pouring rain all weekend again so being able to get a good picture was not an easy task. 

The HTV I used were all Siser brand with the exception of the Love Script HTV.  That's a custom print vinyl that you can only get from The Vinyl Corner.  Fortunately for me they're located in my hometown.  Unfortunately for my husband, they're located in my hometown. 
He doesn't really mind though.  He'll tell anyone that if I'm happy and busy with my crafting then he can play his video games in peace and that makes him happy.  LOL


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I must have missed this on facebook.... this outfit is adorable! Love the cute wagon with the hearts coming out! :)

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