Collegiate Mixer Towels

Kitchen towels seem to be my go to for embroidery/applique lately.  If I'm sitting at my machine chances are I'm creating a new towel.  I'm not really sure why that is.  Maybe I'm just more comfortable with possibly messing up a towel than I am anything else. 
When I found this mixer design over at the Applique Corner though I had to make a towel.  I mean this isn't a design that you put on a shirt after all.
To make it even more fun, it's a design where a variety of fabrics would work great so I thought why not play with making collegiate towels.  It's just a matter of changing out the thread colors to match and that's easy.  The design does all the hard work for me.
The down side is that the local fabric shop only had Alabama, Auburn and LSU fabrics.  When I talked to the ladies though they said that they'd be getting more, they just weren't sure when.  So you can bet I'll be back soon checking to see if they're in so I can get some others made.


teachdanz said...

Sounds like a pretty fun machine you've got!! I love these towels and what a great gift idea!!