Martinsville Church

Over the holidays I became a bit of an Ebay fanatic.  I was in search of plastic canvas kits created by Dick Martin who is very well known in the plastic canvas "community".  Back in the day when plastic canvas was a popular craft his patterns were a must have.  Somewhere along the way, between having six children, making multiple moves and a divorce I rid myself of all my crafting wares.  It wasn't until I remarried that I was encouraged to take back up my crafting hobbies.  And now I have more than I did before!
Oh yeah, so back to my Ebay fanaticism.  😉  I remembered seeing this series of kits called Martinsville.  There was a Christmas themed one and a Spring/Easter 'ish' one.  Well I decided to begin my hunt for the Christmas version, and I found them.....except one.....the choo choo train.  There are 12 in all so 11 is better than none I guess.  But then, I'm not giving up hope either.  LOL
Even though the holidays or over and the new year has begun I thought it would be fun to sit down and begin doing some of my plastic canvas projects.  This way I have plenty of time to just chill while I work on them.  Much like cross stitch this is a craft that can take a while to complete.
So I started this set by stitching the church.  I love nativities so it was only natural that I began with this one.
Now I just have to decide which one to do next.


Scrapper69 said...

This just looks very cool! Keep crafting your holiday stuff.... I always enjoy seeing anything Christmas related throughout the year!

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