Rouse House

This was inspired by the January issue of Scrapbooks, etc. magazine which spotlighted a project for making a 'house' out of foam core board. So I spent part of my day today scraplifting this project and turning it into one of my own. The original directions can be found on the Scrapbooks, etc. website.

For my house I did not have access to a copy machine in order to enlarge the templates. However, I enlarged the pdf file to 125% and set my print options to print on borderless paper. Once printed I then measured the diagrams and drew them out on the foam core board for cutting.
I also used the following carts:
Accent Essentials for the picture frames (Accent 47 at 1.5"), rug (Accent 5 stretched to measure approx. 3"x4"), and the trim on the roof (4" and 4.5")
Happily Ever After for the chair (2.5" cut twice - one in blackout and one layer - for the back of chair and pieces. The pieces were then glued to other paper and cut to include 'tabs' for creating the dimension)
Paper Pups for the puppy cut at 1"
Making the Grade for the Rouse verbiage - R cut at 1" and the "ouse" were welded together to create the size needed.
The book on the chair was a piece of foam core board cut and covered with scrap paper.