No Such Thing as Too Much Candy

I finally broke out my Child's Year cartridge yesterday and started having fun with it. And I gotta tell ya' for someone who's never made Halloween cards until last month I think I'm on a little roll.

This card is my interpretation/scraplift of one featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Papercrafts in that I used the shimmer and the forest look for my card. But I wanted more of a "scene" to the look so I added the moon, stars, grass and trick or treaters.

The trees are from Stretch Your Imagination

The Moon and stars are from PPDU

For the background I applied glitter - in two shades: copper and orange topaz - to the paper. Beginning at the top and working my way down I used copper going lighter as I got to the bottom. The I repeated with the orange topaz starting at the bottom and working up.

Unlike the traditional cards this does not "open" - it's just two sided. When I created this in DS I created it so that the trees would fold up over the top of the card adding a little dimension to the overall look.


DonnaMundinger said...

Such a fabulous spooky scene! Love it! xxD