Spongebob Altered Clock & Birthday Card

My youngest daughter turns 17 tomorrow and as those of you with teenagers know it's difficult to know what to do for them sometimes. Yeah, you can always buy music, clothes, or movies but would you buy the right ones? Ah, now you see my problem....Too often I have purchased some of these items for one or another of my children but it wasn't the right style, color, size, genre, etc.
So Saturday morning my daughter woke up poured herself a bowl of cereal, sat down and turned on Spongebob before getting ready for work. Needless to say, the lights went on and I knew whatever I did would be Spongebob related. Then I remembered that I had another clock waiting to be altered and the rest was history.

For this clock I cut:

Spongebob at 3 1/2"

Hamburger at 1"

Spatula (From My Kitchen) at 1 1/4"

And of course I had to have a card........


DonnaMundinger said...

This is tooo precious! I'll bet it was a BIG HIT! xxD