Snowman Ornaments

I know, I know, I did it again.  But I couldn't help myself since Michael's has their clear ornaments out for sale.  I saw these on the Holidays Crafts & Creations website and had to make some of my own.  When I made mine though I changed things up a bit as I'm sure you will when you make yours.

So remember the craze last year of using floor wax to get glitter to stick to the inside of the ornament?  Well that's what I did with these.  I started with the glitter and while that was drying I finished my other prep work.

I cut the eyes from George and the noses from Christmas Cheer.

I cut the top portion of the socks off and threw out the foot portion.  Cut slits around the sock on one end, fold up the bottom edge and using hot glue adhere it in 3 or four places around the ornament to hold the sock in place.  Take a section of ribbon and tie it around the sock to form the top of the hat.

Glue the eyes and nose on using a regular glue.  Glue a snowflake or whatever you want to the hat and viola - you're done.


Vickie said...

I really like these.
Sooo cute!!!