Man's Best Friend

Happy Wednesday everyone.  It's the middle of the week and that means we're just that much closer to the weekend and for me that means I'll actually be able to do some more crafting this weekend.  WooHoo!!  But before that happens I'd like to share a fun project with you that is perfect for showcasing pictures of your furry friends, or whatever you'd like to showcase.  Just pick a theme and have fun.

This project was inspired by one I saw in Flip, Spin & Play from the Editors of Memory Makers books. Using a bit of foam core board, a slinky and regular paper crafting items it was project in the making and I love the end results.

For the cuts on my frame I used the Paper Pups cartridge cutting the pups on the outside at 2 1/2" and the ones on the inside at 1 3/4". I also used the Graphically Speaking cartridge for the man's best friend phrase.
Here you can get a peek and how things are put together.  Each end of the slinky is poked into the foam core board and twisted in just enough to ensure it's stable and stays put.  The the pictures are "fastened" in place by using a scrap piece and a glue dot with a ring of slinky between the two.

Oh and to make it stand I took one of the picture frame 'stands' that I didn't need off one of the pictures that hang on the wall.


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