Batman Shirt

My oldest son is a HUGE Batman/DC Comic fan so I was rather excited when I came across this Batman file in one of the Silhouette groups I belong to.  Only problem was that I had to learn how to use iron-on vinyl. 
So over Black Friday week I purchased a few rolls of Cricut Vinyl since one of the craft stores had it for 50% off.  I bought a couple different colors but mainly white and red.
Once back home I opened my file and got everything ready to cut.  I placed my vinyl on the mat and started cutting.  Not once did I stop to think about checking my cut settings before doing so.  Needless to say when it was time to remove the vinyl for adhering to my shirt I quickly realized I messed up because my blade was set for cardstock and not vinyl.  That means everything cut clear through and there was no way for me to salvage my design.  Oh and let's not forget the fact that I forgot to change my mat size so the last four inches of my design didn't even cut. 
Lesson learned.  Scrap the red vinyl and move on to the white.  All settings checked and changed as needed I started my second cut.  This time it was success.
I placed the iron-on onto the back of the shirt, read the directions for applying heat and got busy with the iron.
Uh-oh.  The iron-on was not adhering to the shirt.  What in the world was I doing wrong?  I called for my husband and he came to check on the situation.  After a quick survey he asked why I had a towel over the design.  Well that's what the directions said.  Right?  Even with my glasses on my face some of that print is hard for me to read.  He suggested I try ironing without the towel, and reluctantly I proceeded as advised.  Much to my surprise it worked!! 
When our son received his shirt and he pulled it out of the box he asked if bought or made the shirt.  Happily I told him that I made it and he told me how much he loved it.


Jadams said...

Fantastic Batman shirt...congratulations!

myself said...

Omygosh! I love this shirt! We have a "Batman" family... Please feel free to email me ( so I can find the cut file, as well. I'm still so afraid to use vinyl... None of my machines have EVER cut it. But's it's on my list to try this year. I do OWN vinyl... It just sits in my stash... lol!