Custom Logo Stamp

Over Black Friday week Silhouette had a great sale going on and my husband gave me the go ahead to purchase the Silhouette Mint.  If you haven't heard of this little machine, it's one that creates custom self-inking stamps.  Like anything in life it has its own pros and cons, and right now the two main cons I see are the start-up costs for supplies and the limited stamp sizes.  But with 40% off the supplies and then being able to buy the machine from HSN for $80 I was in.
The day I received the machine (which by the way fits in the palm of your hand), I downloaded the software and got it ready for use.  It wasn't until a week later that I finally had time to play.  For the longest time I have wanted to create my own custom logo that I could stamp onto my cards and tags for items I sale at craft shows.  So this past weekend I created my logo in Silhouette Studio.  I decided to incorporate both the name of my craft blog/Facebook page as well as the website that I manage for selling my crafts.
For those of you who don't know, I do the local craft shows along with my mom and baby sister - thus the name Three Crafty Divas.  As such we hand out business cards directing people to our website for future sales and special/custom orders (of which my receives a lot).  There's a brief bio about us on the website if your interested and you can read it here.
But back to the Silhouette Mint.  While creating my first stamp I read everything step by step and it was actually pretty easy to follow along.  The only thing I didn't get at first was how to adhere the stamp piece itself to the block and once I realized what I was doing wrong I felt silly.  Overall it's very easy to use and I love the way the stamp turned out.
What do you think?


Scrapper69 said...

So COOL! Sounds like a nice machine - glad you could custom make your own stamp!

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