Infant Evil Minion Hat

My son has a friend that wanted an evil minion hat to give as a Christmas present.  Being new to crochet I had not yet tried making one of the evil minion hats like I did with my knitting looms, but I was willing to try.  So over Thanksgiving break while I was on vacation I gave it a go.
In a nutshell I just crocheted a basic beanie (using Redheart yarn), changing the colors for the band.  To create the 'hair' I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in two different shades of purple.  Cut the strands and tie them to the top portion of the hat all way around.  I then separated the strands and fluffed it up.
And that's my take on the evil minion.


Scrapper69 said...

OMGOSH! This is super duper COOL! LOVE it!

Theresa’s Crafty Creations

Unknown said...

You are on a roll. Love this hat!