Christmas Fairy

Today I'd like to take a break from papercrafting and share with you a beaded Christmas ornament I've made.  This Christmas fairy is from a kit created by the Beadery.  I actually purchased this kit a couple years back and like with all kits, I kept the directions so I could make more later.   I'm even going to make some in with teal and pink beads next time and see how they turn out.  I think that would be a pretty combination.
As hard as you might think it is to buy beads for creating beautiful beaded ornaments, it is actually pretty easy.  There's a company that's been around since I was a teenager that my mom used to purchase supplies from called Bolek's Craft Supply.  These guys are amazing as far as variety, pricing and quick turnaround. 
And there you have it.  Just another one of my crafty passions.