I Believe in Fairies Light

Today I have a nightlight jar that I'd like to share with you.  I've found that these are so quick and easy to do and I'm hoping that they'll do well at my upcoming craft show because that's what some of these are for. 
The Silhouette Design store has quite a few fairies that can be purchased for commercial use and the reclining fairy that I used on this light is one of them. 
For the verbiage on my jar I just used one of the fonts I had available but the F in fairies I found doing a google search.  I love how it looks like a set of wings.
This week Hobby Lobby has there glass ware on sale again so needless to say I'll be hitting them up this week to purchase more.  C'mon how can I resist such an awesomely priced deal that I can turn into something this beautiful?  And even better yet, they have a variety of styles and I'm thinking about picking up some of the others so that I can "branch out" and try a couple of different Halloween styles.  My hubby loves Halloween - it's his favorite holiday so I thought I'd surprise him with a couple that he can tie into his growing decor.  Shhhhhh, don't tell him though.  :)
Until next time, Happy crafting everyone.....


Scrapper69 said...

Soo Sooooo PRETTY! LOVE seeing these cute jars... perfect for children's rooms or even for home decor... :)

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