I Love Trash

Today I thought we'd have some fun and I would share these cute garbage cans I added some vinyl too.  I found these at the Dollar Tree - which I apparently don't visit often enough.  They have all sorts of cool things that you can craft up and turn in to other things.   Today though, it's garbage cans.
I saw some of these being posted in my groups last year, but like most trends I'm late joining in.  Truth is I had other stuff going on and was so new to my Silhouette that I wasn't yet trying a lot of the trends from last year.  But now I'm comfortable enough to get out there and go for it.
So adding vinyl to these cans was every bit as easy as it looks.  I found a file in one of my groups that had everything I needed.  However, I wanted the verbiage cut in a different font and I remembered one that I had downloaded a while back from Dafont dot com called Rock's Death.  It took forever to cut the verbiage but as you can see it was well worth the wait.
Next time I see the blue and red cans I just might buy some of them and turn them into something fun too. 


Scrapper69 said...

I'm always late to the latest trends too... It's just my nature... to wait and eventually get in there! LOL I LOOVE these adorable trash cans! SO Dang CUTE! Oh and I'm a HUGE Fan of the $ store! I go as often as I can to pick up FUN little things! :) Have a great day!