Believe Night Light

Fairies and Unicorns - along with mermaids - seem to be a popular thing these days.  I guess it's because we all love a good fantasy/fairy tale.  When you get down to it it is fun to dream about some enchanting world where things are fun and charming.  Things that just make you happy.
So when I saw this fun fairy riding a unicorn in the Silhouette Design Store I knew that I had to use it on one of my night lights.   I adhered the vinyl to the outside of the lampshade and then I added the word believe at the bottom of the light so that it didn't look unfinished.
The light is a touch sensor night light that I found at the Dollar Tree.  And the light is an LED light so it puts off a fair amount of light when it's lit.


Scrapper69 said...

I've been so busy all week.... that I've missed all these posts! :) Your lamp is so pretty with that fairy image! I hope your ready for your craft fair!