My Patronus Is....

I thought it would be fun to create a couple of jar lights with the "my patronus is" saying.  I'd never really given much thought to what MY patronus is so I decided to take a quiz and this is what it told me........
"Your patronus takes the form of a Rabbit. A rabbit is known for being somewhat shy. Similarly, you tend to be quiet around others, especially new people. However, you are very bright and alert. You are good at reading people and know who to trust. You are also nurturing and kind. You may have trouble conjuring your patronus because your mind tends to race in the heat of a battle."
For my Patronus jars though I decided to use one of the unicorns from the Unicorn Cuttable Design file from Cuttable Designs.  I love how this unicorn is posing in kind of a mid-prance stance.  It has an air of elegance with that flowing tail and yet it says let's be happy and have some fun.
The sitting mermaid is from the Silhouette Design Store.  I chose her simply because she's one of the mermaids that I had not yet used on one of my jars and I didn't want to duplicate.
These are so easy to create using vinyl and frosted glass spray.  Just wipe down the jar with alcohol so the vinyl will stick.  Allow it to dry completely and then adhere your vinyl design and spray with frosted glass.  It's really that easy.



Scrapper69 said...

They turned out wonderful Barbara! Love the frosted glass... I did buy some Frosted Glass spray... now only to use it on something! :) Love the pretty mermaid looks like a lot of weeding! :) Have a great day!

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