Unicorn Night Lights

Happy Sunday everyone.  I was recently approached by Dee over at Apex Cuttable Designs about a wonderful opportunity to partner together.  It would allow me to create projects using their designs and in return I will provide my fellow crafters - that's you - with an honest review.
For my first project I wanted to work with the Unicorn Cuttable Design file.  I had searched through the Silhouette store looking for unicorn files that I could use for my night lights and jar lights.  But none of the designs I saw appealed to me.  However, while looking through the designs at Apex this file said "yes, use me!" and so that's what I did.
Now if you haven't seen my other night lights like this (and I can't imagine that you haven't - unless of course you're new to my blog and in that case, welcome!) here's the low down on how I created these two night lights......
The night lights are from Dollar Tree.  They call them fashion night lights because initially the round cover has a printed graphic.  But with a minimal amount of swirling the cover around in some acetone nail polish and light rubbing with a paper towel, the graphic is easily removed.  After removing the graphic I wash my covers with dish soap and allow to dry.
While the covers dry I find the design I want and cut from vinyl.  (I use the permanent Oracal 651)  For these particular lights I used two different unicorns from the Unicorn Cuttable Design.  On one of the lights I also added a quote using a font called AR Cena.
Using two of the different unicorns in this file I found that I liked using the SVG format best.    The file included a version for Silhouette studio but the paths weren't all grouped/compounded so when I tried to scale for the size I needed I had difficulty - until I grouped/compounded.  But instead of going through all that I found that I could open the SVG file and just go for it.  The files both cut beautifully and the weeding was very easy to do as well.  And as you can see, the final result is just beautiful.  Whether lit or not the elegance of each design shows through.
As for me, I'm ecstatic to have found a unicorn file that I love and I will definitely be using some of the other designs included in this file (there are six unicorns included).
And now that you've seen my project, you really need to head on over to Apex Cuttable Designs and check them out.  They've got a lot of great designs ready for the picking.  Especially if you're like me and love to work with vinyl.  Their designs are perfect for use with the vinyl medium.  Who knows maybe, just maybe, I'll get that heat press I keep telling my hubby I want and soon enough I can start using some of these gems for shirts and things.
Until then though I'll keep crafting with other projects.


Scrapper69 said...

Okay... these are adorably sweet! LOVE the unicorns and the sweet sentiment on the one... perfect for dressing up any little girls room or a grown ups craft room! Wink Wink! :)

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