Friday Football

WooHoo!  It's Friday today.  And not only does that mean the end to a grueling work week for most of us, but it also means it's Friday Night High School Football.  I'm sure that most - if not all of you - have just as much football spirit in your town as we do in our little town of Niceville, Florida.
Admittedly I haven't been to a game yet this year, but in my defense I've been babysitting a less than three month old grandbaby every Friday night.  But the really good football rival games have yet to occur so I still have time.
In the meantime, I'd like to share some football night lights that I created using the recently released Football Player file from Cuttable Designs.  When I made these I gave thought to adding the local football team letters but then I realized that our rival teams are really just a stone throw away and since I didn't want to disenfranchise anyone I thought it best to just leave these as they were with the cut out.
To create my nightlights I used the lights purchased from the Dollar Tree, removed the printed design with some acetone, washed, dried, and applied my own design.  The vinyl used on my nightlights is Oracle 651 glossy.  It's my favorite vinyl and I personally prefer the glossy to matte finish.
The football player file was a great one to use.  I really needed some more masculine files and this one fit the bill perfectly.  Now if only my boys were younger or actually liked watching football.......not sure where I went wrong on that one.  But hey one daughter out of six kids is better than none at all.  :)

Happy Crafting everyone.


Scrapper69 said...

These are seriously COOL!!!! LOVE the designs