Altered Mailbox

Don't you just love it when you find a terrific deal? Target has these mailbox tins in their dollar bin and I decided to buy one of them and give my hand a try at altering my first tin.

Surprisingly this was very easy and took little to no time at all to complete. I found a website (sorry I don't remember what it was) that gave directions for doing this but I only glanced through it long enough to get the jist of what needed to be done size wise.

That said a 4"x12" piece of paper wraps around the body of the box allowing enough paper to overlap at the bottom of the box. Since the flag is not removable you will need to mark where it falls on the paper and use a circular paper punch (mine was 5/8") to cut an opening and then make a slit from the circle to the end of the paper. This will allow you to feed the paper around the flag as you adhere it to the box. For the flag, I created a 1"x.75" text box and typed in the recipient's name, printed, cut and adhered.

Admittedly I did not use my Cricut for this project and while it is for a Valentine's gift I wanted it to look more Spring than Valentines so that it could be used for times other than the Valentine's Day holiday.