Review: Selah - Hope of the Broken World

I have once again been bestowed the honor of reviewing a great......I don't want to call it a product because it is soooo much more than that......for you.  Before I do that though I would like to offer my apologies for being late in doing so.  My hope is that even though I'm a couple days late my fellow bloggers will be enticed enough to want more.

With that said, I was provided with a copy of the newly released (as of August 23rd) CD by Selah.  The alubm is titled Hope of the Broken World, and features a variety of uplifting/inspiring songs.  Their first single being released is the title track and you can view the video here.  This song, along with two others on the album, were written by Jennie Lee Riddle who also wrote the Revelation Song.

Hope of the Broken World is an album that is full of messages that will bring you a hope and peace that is hard to find these days.  How can you miss with lyrics like these??

"Into my weakness, Into my darkness, Your Spirit's moving upon my heart and you speak the words 'Let there be light!'  Into my chaos comes your promise.  The new is rising the old is past on.  You are revival and making all things right."

Now combine lyrics/messages like that with music that (to me) sounds like a mix between Country meets modern hymnal/ballad melodies and you have a powerhouse collection of songs that only Selah can deliver.  And if you don't believe me you can sample their entire album as well as purchase a copy of your own here.

So what are you waiting for?  Watch the video.  Take a listen.  Purchase your copy today.  Then come back and tell me what  you think.