Tooth Fairy Lights

Now this is a trend that I didn't wait to try.  LOL  So recently I've seen some posts on FB where nightlights from Dollar Tree were being turned into nightlights that the crafter wanted.  In other words they were removing the pre-printed picture from the light and then adding vinyl to make the light their own.  I thought this was pretty cool, and being on a vinyl kick lately I decided to jump on this bandwagon and give it a try.
This tooth fairy light was inspired by one I saw in one of my groups.
To make this light I gently soaked the plastic cover in acetone for a few seconds and then used a cotton ball to rub away the pre-printed design.  After allowing the cover to dry I applied my vinyl design. 
For this tooth fairy design I found the tooth in a google search and traced from there. 
Easy Peasy.
And now I have a fun nightlight to help guide the tooth fairy when needed.


Scrapper69 said...

Now this is a CUTE idea for the little ones... Fun Image you found - I can see adding all kinds of images to them... for the perfect bedroom theme.. so cute!

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