Coffee Mugs - Pokemon Style

Have I told you yet that I have gone from a cutting board craze to a mug craze?  ::::SIGH:::: It's true.  My vinyl addiction just continues to grow as I go from one item to the next, and right now it's mugs.
Dollar Tree has all sorts of great stoneware mugs available in different colors and after being inspired by a post in one of my Facebook groups I jumped on the Pokémon band wagon.  Of course it doesn't hurt that several of my children grew up with and still play Pokémon games.
After finding all the colors available I sat down and began creating the files I needed for these faces.  Some of them weren't so bad and others gave me a bit of a fit.  Oh, and one I didn't have to create (Ghastly) because it was shared with me after I had shared some of mine.  Gotta love teamwork - especially in the crafting community.
I used Oracle 651 on all of my mugs.  This is the same vinyl that I used for all of the decals I've made and had on my car for years.  Someone asked me the other day about layering anything else over the vinyl and I told her no - I never had.  The trick though (okay not really a trick) is to hand wash the items.  I even washed one of the Squirtle mugs with a scrubber and the vinyl didn't peel.  Now I don't advise using a scrubber but I wanted to see what would happen since I've only used wash cloths.  So I can safely say that as long as you gently hand wash you won't have a problem.


Scrapper69 said...

I think the entire set is ADORABLE! And such a CUTE gift idea for one person who collects Pokemon or as separate gifts for any Pokemon lover on your list! Really, Really CUTE!!!!


Georgiana said...

Fun mugs!