Star Wars Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game

I spent several days searching for images that I liked and thought were perfect for creating this game set.  (Believe it or not I did begin this project before the untimely death of the beloved Princess Leia.) I love the look of the double light saber for the board face and the mash up of the rebel and alliance symbols was perfect for the center space.
Then of course you have to have the original and iconic characters of Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker.  Although I did give thought to other characters like Storm Troopers vs. C3PO or something but I'm not familiar enough with the story lines for that.  I even gave thought to the different ships that are used by each side but I didn't think that would be as fun.  Or perhaps as recognizable as these two iconic characters.
I also settled on the round playing board because it is Star Wars and because some of the symbols and ships and such are round in nature.  I just thought it would work.  Plus it makes it stand out more since most of the game boards are square.
To make this set a glass cutting board that's about 7.75" in diameter and three sets of dessert glasses - all from Dollar Tree.  As always the vinyl design was cut from Oracle 651 vinyl.