Love You Onesie

My husband surprised me with a heat press for Christmas!!!  I've only been wanting one for over a year and dropped quite a few hints last year.  I guess it's best that he waited because we had a new sewing store come in to town and we were able to learn more about the difference in heat presses so we could make a more informed decision about which one to buy.
When all was said and done I had my eye on a digital clamshell press (I've seen this model go by different names when I looked it up on the net.  And we bought ours locally - for a little less - but this link will at least give you needed information.)  This model has a digital read out for the temperature and the press time, a 15 x 15 inch heated platen surface and an over the center pressure adjustment to allow for a smoother more evenly distributed pressure, etc.
Since I didn't realize I was getting this jewel for Christmas and since hubby wasn't sure what designs I'd be making there was no HTV in the house to play with.  Except, some of the inexpensive Cricut iron-on material I used for t-shirt I made my son over a year ago (which peeled up).  But since were playing with a first press we thought what the heck it's not like we'd be losing anything.
The vinyl was red and I thought it would be perfect for a Valentine's Day kinda project so I turned to the Silhouette Design Store and found this cute I Love You Teddy Bear file by Jamie Koay.  Not only is it perfect for Valentine's Day but it's also perfect for anytime so I did buy the commercial license because I see other onesie's in my future.  😉