Wonder Woman Tissue Box Cover

All right now.  Who doesn't love a little bit of Wonder Woman in their life?  I remember watching this TV show when  was younger and I have to admit that I don't recall missing a single episode.  For me Wonder Woman was just as awesome as watching the Bionic Woman or Six Million Dollar Man. 
Yep, I was that girl! 
While on vacation over the Thanksgiving holiday I knew that I would have plenty of time for crafting. So this year I decided to use that time for catching up on some of the plastic canvas projects I've been wanting to do.  And this year I settled on creating some of the DC Comic Marvel Heroes.
This particular pattern is from the DC Comics Super Heroes pattern leaflet - #1779.  It was published by Leisure Arts back in 1997 so you can only imagine some of the prices I saw for this pattern book while I was meandering through Ebay one day.  Some of the prices were as high as $40, and that's BEFORE shipping.  Fortunately I found it for less than half that price.
And so this is one of several TBC that I made over the holiday week.  Stay tuned as I have a couple others to share with you.


Scrapper69 said...

Dare I say.. I was THAT girl too! LOVED Watching Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman & Six Million Dollar Man! Ahhh the good old days! MISS THEM!! :) Your Kleenex cover looks AWESOME!


Georgiana said...

Very cool!