Joker Tissue Box Cover

Today I'm sharing another of my plastic canvas creations.  I've been having a lot of fun making the various DC Comic character tissue box covers and this one was no exception. 
After making a couple of the 'heroes' I decided it was time to add a villain or two into the mix and thought the Joker would be a great start.
Like my other hero tissue box covers, this pattern is from the DC Comics Super Heroes pattern leaflet - #1779.  It was published back in 1997 so it's out of print, and like all other plastic canvas patterns and kits I've drooled over lately can be costly for that reason. 
While plastic canvas is not as popular a craft like it used to be I still enjoy it.  And I could kick myself in the tail end every time I think about the multitude of patterns and things I got rid of over the years.   Oh well, live and learn, right? 


Scrapper69 said...

Now this is COOL! The Joker looks so creepy yet very cool!