Quidditch Tic Tac Drink

You may or may not have noticed by now but Dollar Tree has become one of my best friends.  Well, today's project is yet another creation using Dollar Tree items and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  I spent a couple months trying to find these dessert glasses and finally scored several sets with the help of my daughter.
Using three sets of the desert glasses and one square cutting board I made my first ever tic-tac-toe drinking game.  Now I've seen these all over with regular shot glasses marked with x's and o's but why not add some fun to it and create a themed game board?  So I decided to make my first set a Quidditch theme board.
For the glasses I chose to use a Golden Snitch and a set of the goal rings as my x's and o's.   To create the game board I chose to use an elder wand that I placed in the proper design and then welded the wands together to create one cut rather than having layers.  For the center of the board I used the harry potter hair and glasses clip art.
All designs were cut from Oracle 651 glossy vinyl and then adhered to the glasses and board.  Note that when cutting the file for the game board to reverse the image since the design is applied from the underside of the glass.
As for the rules of the game, I admit I had to 'look them up':
The players take turns placing shot glasses on the board until one of them gets three in a row, column or diagonal - just like traditional tic-tac-toe. The loser must drink all of his shots on the board. If the board fills up with shot glasses and neither player wins, then it is a tie (also known as a "cat" game). In this case, both players down one of their shots.  REMEMBER to play responsibly.
I think I might try a Star Wars theme for my next board.  Maybe a Superhero one even.  Hmmmmmm, decisions, decisions.


Scrapper69 said...

This is so cool.. and I can totally see getting drunk quickly with it! hahahaha Maybe for New Years! Wish they had stuff like this when I was in my twenties... Of course we had "Other" drinking games! tehehehe
Have a great Week!