Cabana Bay Layout

My crafting will be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks as I begin to pack up my room to prepare for my move.  One of my boys is moving out and so I'll be moving into his old room and moving my remaining son into mine.  The remaining son is seldom home anymore and is planning to move to Tallahassee soon so I figured there wasn't much point in waiting.  Instead I'll begin the shifting this week and in so doing that means there's some work I'll be doing in my "new" room before I complete the move in.
In the meantime though I sat down and pulled out pictures from our trip to Universal Studios which I'll be scrapbooking.  Yesterday was the first layout of the hotel in which we stayed on-site.  If you like things that are retro, you'll love Cabana Bay.  Everything from the d├ęcor to the music that plays throughout the resort, to the videos that play on the TV in the food court area is all from the 50's and 60's era.  The best thing is once you park, you don't have to leave property.  Everything you need is there - including a shuttle to take you back and forth to the parks.  Our first stay with them was last year and it's where we'll continue to stay because we love it so much.
Since the hotel is retro 50's/60's style I decided to use the 50's Diner set from Marjorie Ann Designs.  Instead of using all the words that came for the license plate and sign I opted to use stamp in those areas. 
On the license plate and the heart of my sign I used the Teenage Dream stamp set from Craftin Desert Divas.
On the main sign, under Nifty, I used the Picture That stamp set from Craftin Desert Divas.
I have some more pictures from Cabana Bay to scrapbook so you'll get to see a bit more later.
On the bottom of the sign I used Magical Memories from Jaded Blossom.


Scrapper69 said...

How exciting to get a new space for your crafting! It's always nice to re-organize & re-decorate before moving in.. :) Maybe after your other son moves out too.. you can add that room for even more space... like your sewing room.. hummmm :) Your layout looks wonderful... sounds like a neat place to stay... LOVE the 50/60 vibe! Have a great day!

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