Mischief Managed Luggage Tag

For my final project this week I'm back to the last of my Universal Studios themed projects.  I saved this one for last because it's the tag that we will have placed on our 'backpack' that we'll have on us while we are in the parks. 
Recently Aimee over at Thanks4theAdventure has been on a bit of a roll creating different themed stroller tags.  Even though I don't have children in a stroller I just had to have one (or two) so that I could use them on our backpacks.  So while these were originally created to be approximately 8" x 6" I scaled ours down to more of a 5" x 3.5" tag.
This particular tag is called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter tag.  It's an in the hoop project, meaning the entire project is made in the embroidery hoop.  The tag itself are different pieces of vinyl that are stitched together through out the project to create the final tag. 
I've never stitched on vinyl before so for a first attempt it didn't turn out too bad.  Next time I stitch one of these I'll definitely skip the step for creating the "button holes" for hanging.  Instead I'll just use my eyelet punch and add the grommets.
And now I'm off to begin my mischief......