Ollivanders Wand Holder

I made the move into my new craft room this weekend and what a whirlwind of a move it was.  And now that the move is complete I can begin the decorating.  However, it won't be complete for a couple of weeks as I wait for things I've ordered to come in, or have the time to finish making the items I need for my d├ęcor.
Today I want to share with you one of the items that I just completed (with hubby's help).  For the past couple of days I've been working on creating a wand holder for some of the wands we've started collecting.  What I love about this one is that I can still add another one or two plaques to it as we collect more.
To make this holder, I started with some pine "innkeeper" plaques I found at Michaels.  These are 9" x 19" and perfect for the wands.  I stained this with some leftover oak stain that I had on hand.  After that dried I came back and dry brushed around the top outer edge with a dark brown paint.
The Ollivander's logo was from a file that was shared in one of my FB groups.  The verbiage for the wand descriptions were done using the Modern Fraktur font.  The wand owner's names were done using the Vinque font.  Both from dafont dot com.  I cut the logo and verbiage out of Oracle 651 vinyl and adhered it directly to my plaques.  I then sealed each plaque with a clear laquer spray paint.
After the plaques were dry my wonderful husband drilled out the spots for placing the brackets and plaque hangers.  For the wand brackets we used 3/4" brass shoulder hooks which we purchased from Lowes.  As we decided our placement for the brackets we decided to go outside the box and place them so that our wands would have a little slant here and there instead of being perfectly straight across.


Scrapper69 said...

I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan (Sorry to say)... BUT... I do LOVE the book & the movies.... You have TOTALLY ROCK'D this design for your craft space! This is so freakin' COOL... I love seeing how you make all the fantastic items for your space... it's so creative & inspiring! :)

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