Thing Two Burp Cloth

Can you believe that today is August 1st?  That means it's just 52 more days until Fall begins and 146 until Christmas.  So for those of you that participate in the craft shows that means our time for getting ready is about over.  My first show for the season is always Oktoberfest and that comes one week after Fall begins.

As you've probably guessed by now I'm trying to fill a different niche this year.  While people love homemade greeting cards and such they don't sell very well in my area.  Since I had played around with embroidery a couple years back my husband decided it was time to give it another whirl, and so he bought me a new machine.

I'm not quite ready for embroidering clothes yet.  Goodness knows I've tried.  Some have turned out and others have failed.  Either way I'll continue to try as I grow and learn.  For now though I'm enjoying other projects - like baby burp cloths.

When my children were little I quickly realized I could never have enough burp cloths, and the same rang true with my granddaughter.  It was this aha moment that prompted me to find a nice sewing pattern that I could use for making my own cloths rather than using diapers or other style blanks.  I wanted something unique and all my own.  
Now that I've told you my story, I share with you another burp cloth I've created.  As with all my burp cloths I use a pattern I found from Simplicity, pattern 2924.  It has a lot of great baby accessories and perhaps I need to begin making some of them too.

I loved the way that my Thing One burp cloth turned out last week so I decided to use the same flannel fabric for Thing Two.  It's a nursery flannel with Grey Baby Words that I purchased from Joann's.  In between my flannel is a cotton batting that is perfect for that extra absorbency.

The Thing Two applique is from Stinkin Cute Applique.  It's a relatively new shop on Etsy that has some really cute designs.  I've stitched out several of them now and they just keep getting better and better.  So if you like to do embroidery you should really check out their shop.


Scrapper69 said...

Thing 2 is JUST as CUTE as your Thing 1 Burp cloth!! I'm glad you got a cool machine to create all these fun designs! I think they'll sell easily because of all the fun images you've been using! I agree Cards are always hard to sell at a craft show... that's why I try to sell them at school! LOL I mean they know I make them for the Teachers already, so they know the quality of work that's involved! :) I always make extras to try & sell them and of course to mail out to crafty friends! :) If you'd like me to send you some happy mail - email me your address - I'd be happy too! :) My e-mail address is on my blog under my picture... Have a great day! :)

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