Owl Lamp

My new craft room is now complete, but before I share how I transformed my room I thought I'd share the lantern I made to hang outside the doorway.  My room sits at the end of a small hallway and since it's a Harry Potter themed room I thought why not faux brick the wall outside as well as the inside accent wall.  (More on how I did this later.)
After I was finished with the brick I wanted a sign.  Only problem with that is that the clearance above the door was only 5" - much too short for a good sign.  And since the doorway is the size of the hall, it too did not provide much space on either side of the door.
Finally, it hit me - why not add a lantern?  After all I had one in reserves.  Using this cute file I found in one of my FB groups my I created my lantern.  Even after hanging the lantern on the wall I still wanted a sign.  Then it hit me.  Why not make the sign from vinyl?
Again using a file I found in one of my FB groups I created my sign.  However, I had to flip the main part of the sign so that the hand would point towards the door to my craft room.  After that it was just layering the remaining pieces together.
And now the entrance to my craft room is complete.


Scrapper69 said...

This is so cool! You really are an all around crafter! LOVE the way you transformed your craft space... I showed your pictures to my youngest boy and he was in shock... said it looked so cool and realistic... you impressed a Teenage boy! LOL :)

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